Welcome to the web site of Furrari Aussies! We are Jeff and Jennifer Hill along with our pack of Team Furrari Aussies. We spend all of our vacations traveling around the country to compete in agility and disc (Frisbee). Jeff teaches disc dog classes / seminars and Jenn has been training Aussies for agility since 1999. Our goal is to continue to compete, teach and share our love of these sports with others. Additionally, we plan to breed performance Aussie puppies in the future. Over the years we have developed our knowledge of the Australian Shepherd breed and have selected Aussies that are able to compete at a high level in these sports. We want to help preserve and improve on these characteristics in the breed. We love our Aussies and hope to share what we have learned about the breed with others.

skyhoundz se reg 2011 (small)NES16E087 (small)

We have loads of videos on our YouTube channel.