Monthly Archives: December 2011

Herding with Slayte

I’m finding that herding is actually becoming kind of fun and addictive with Slayte. With Enzo it is frustrating and tiring and we never improved. Slayte still has tons of drive for it but is much more pliable. Funny because in life he is much more headstrong than Enzo. He pushes out and stays out. He is also willing to slow down and use his brain which also gives me time to think. Enzo thinks that going faster is the solution to all problems which makes him a great agility dog but it’s bad for herding. It also caused problems with tracking in frisbee but we figured out a way to work around that. When Enzo is in drive mode his brain shuts off. Slayte likes to mix things up when he sees an opening but a lot of that is because of my bad timing and handling since I kept getting stuck against the fence. I feel like I am actually able to learn now and that is a good feeling. I still have a bad habit of walking towards the sheep when I send him around and sometimes I still get stuck in the death spiral but at other times I feel like we are actually doing what we should be! I need to get better at watching both the sheep and my dog and I need to be more proactive about keeping the sheep off of me. It’s also nice that Slayte doesn’t mind working for someone else.

Slayte has had 6 lessons so far and this video is from our 5th lesson. Now just to figure out how to squeeze in herding lessons around my agility schedule!


Some Agility Videos

We didn’t double Q but Enzo had two nice runs so I bought the videos. 🙂 So close though!

Trying Herding Again

Years ago when Enzo was young I had tried taking herding lessons with him for about 6 months or so. We didn’t really get anywhere and he just got really wild and started just running in circles and refused to change directions. Tooney got interested and was much less crazy at first but somehow she ended just running in circles too so I stopped trying to herd.

Now Slayte is here so I’m trying to herd again. I’m hoping that maybe I won’t mess him up too. I think we are making some progress and I’m starting to get it. Slayte is pretty crazy about it already but he does seem to be more willing to work wider than Enzo is which seems to be making things easier on me. I’m also trying Enzo again. He is still crazy but he will lie down now if I tell him too. Didn’t have that before and don’t have that with Slayte right now.

Anyways here is video from Slayte’s second turn at his second lesson, the first one was pretty wild. This time he worked pretty nice. Enzo only gets one turn because he runs too fast and wears his pads off if he does two turns.

And here is Enzo’s turn. Sometimes I feel like I am more of a goalie than a partner with him. haha.