Monthly Archives: November 2012

New web site and trying to catch up

First, Jenn and I have a new web site.  It’s about 50% complete but we add to it almost every day.  It will include information on our dogs, breeding plans, training information from us and a lot more.  We may try to incorporate this blog into the site some kind of way.  Check it out:

We had the Crusty Classic (California State disc dog championships) around Halloween.  It’s a 2-day event and the dogs did awesome.  Little muse got to introduce herself to everybody and was a star in her own right!  The dogs got some great placements and recorded some of the highest scores during the weekend.  Here’s Enzo’s round with the bones costume!

Muse also caught her first disc at just 13 weeks old.  We are working mostly on very basic foundation skills including a lot of tug work.  She’s doing really well and most importantly, she’s having fun and Slayte and her are the absolute best of friends!