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An agility post!

I’m behind on posting again of course. First I wanted to post a couple of Enzo videos from an AKC trial a couple weeks ago. I don’t really remember the runs too much now but I know that Enzo is awesome! LOL.

AKC Nationals is coming up soon. We haven’t been too consistent lately. No big issues, just a tiny bit off. We’ve been doing quite a bit more ASCA than normal and the courses are so different. I’ve decided not to do any more ASCA until after AKC Nationals. Maybe that will help…

Slayte’s running contacts seems to be progressing well. I haven’t been obsessively taking video but took this one just to get a data point. I did a lot of board running with him and this was probably after a week or two on the low dogwalk. I’m having him run to a Manners Minder. Hopefully using that won’t create the crazy obstacle focus that Enzo has after the dogwalk. The first hit was a little high and there was one big leap somewhere in the middle but the rest were pretty nice. he seems to be really consistent lately and I am thinking about puttting my dogwalk back together and having him do the full height DW. I don’t have any video but I also used the PVC box on the board and DW when he was having trouble hitting where I wanted him to. I am approaching this a little differently than the general thinking and am mostly rewarding for location vs splitting feet. My theory is that if they understand where you want them to hit then the gait will happen naturally when they are driving. That’s how it worked for Enzo anyways and seems to be working for Slayte so far.


Slayte Turns One!

Friday was Slayte’s 1 year old Birthday! Time really flies! Here is a year in pictures! Love this dog!

1 day:

5 days:

4 weeks:

6 weeks:

10 weeks:

3 months:

4 months:

5 months:

6 months:

8 months:

10 Months:

1 year!