Monthly Archives: May 2012

Enzo wins distance competition and Slayte all grown up

Jenn and I headed north to Dixon for a small disc dog competition. It’s a total of about 7 hours and we left Friday evening with hopes to drive about 4 hours or so and then make a quick stop around 1AM for a few hours of sleep before finishing the drive early in the morning. Unfortunately luck wouldn’t be with us. The traffic through the Grapevine was backed up forever due to an accident. It took us about 3 hours to get through that. We ended up with about 2 hours of sleep. That doesn’t bode well for a competition!

The dogs did OK for the freestyle and toss/fetch with the exception of Slayte. He was totally wasted. He couldn’t hardly do anything because of the lack of sleep. It’s ok, he’s still learning about all of this traveling and competing still.

After the normal competition was a long-distance event. Enzo won the men’s division! We won it with a 66 yard throw. The coolest part is next year’s trophy will have Enzo’s picture on it. How neat is that? Jenn got 3rd place with Tooney in the women’s division. Her throw was around 44 yards I think, which is awesome!

Jenn entered Slayte into his first agility competition as an exhibition and he’s now officially all grown up! He did AWESOME! He was over 6yps on both runs, which is totally phat. Here’s his videos: