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Agility stuff!

Yes I still do agility…a lot. Just don’t write about it anymore. In summary, both boys are qualified for AKC Nationals next year, Enzo got his MACH3, Slayte has 7 double Q’s total and probably close to enough points for his first MACH, Muse has started agility class. She’s been homeschooled and joined a class with novice dogs that are doing sequences. I break things down for her a lot. She does everything that I ask her too but she doesn’t really understand why yet. Hopefully that will come. I’m still working on her weaves too.

Since USDAA Nationals is in Nothern CA next year, I want to get both boys qualified for that as well as the 2015 AKC Nationals. It will be a bit of a balancing act.

We did both days of an USDAA trial this past weekend. I wish USDAA would lower the aframe for the Championship division. I run Slayte in Performance 22″ because of the higher aframe in Championship. People keep asking me how tall he measures. He’s only 19.5″ but I don’t want to train the higher Aframe. It would take too many reps to get their running aframes to work on the higher aframe. Enzo might be able to remeasure into the new 18″ division but I’m no going to bother because of the aframe. I know quite a few people that just don’t want to do USDAA anymore because of the aframe. I’ll just sandbag in Performance. 🙂 Only because nationals is close. Otherwise I would just stick with AKC. Anyways that is my USDAA rant.

Other than getting worn out mentally and physically by the conflicts and back to back to back runs, I had fun. Slayte picked up a P1 standard Q and a P1 gamblers Q. Both Enzo and Slayte Q’d in Performance Speed Jumping (the second q for both of them) and got to run in Round 2. Enzo had a fast Round 2 but missed the aframe contact and ran past the last jump and backjumped it. Here is his run.

Slayte was clean and won P22 and got a check for $19. His time was actually a hair faster than the dog that won Championship 22″.

Neither dog Qd in PGP but they were so close! Ergh. Masters Challenge Standard didn’t go very well with either dog. Master Challenge Jumpers looked horrible on paper but ran nicely. Enzo got through the hard parts then missed the weave entry. He also backjumped at the end. In hindsight I should have turned him the other way instead of asking for a lead change. I had g on the brain. Slayte is a bendy gumby dog and Enzo is not. I was happy with how he did. Backsides and running past things are not his strengths. Slayte has been trained to do that kind of stuff but Enzo really hasn’t.

Slayte rocked the course. I went a little too deep on the tunnel and panicked a little but still made it in time to get the front cross to go between the two jumps. It felt really good to get through that course. Also feels good to know that I can do a course like that without blind crosses and all the fancy turns. I spent a lot of time to train myself to keep my eyes on my dogs and always felt like we did the best when I do that. I’m still “old school”. Who knows, I might go there eventually.

Amazingly there were no Championship 22″ qualifiers on this course!



2013 UFO World Cup Finals

We went to the 2013 UFO World Cup Finals and all 4 dogs were qualified in the open division. It was exciting to be able to play with 4 dogs in the finals. It was difficult, physically, as I had over 20 rounds!!! Can you believe it?!?! 3 Days of disc doggin’ at its extreme! Muse, of course, was my top performing dog.

Tooney had her retirement freestyle at this event at 11 years old. I did not throw very well for her, but she made up for it with a nice round:

Enzo and Slayte both had some nice rounds. Enzo finished 11th in the World Cup and Slayte 21st. Here are two of their rounds.



Muse was amazing at the finals and finished 5th in the World Cup. She was only 14 months old at the finals! Going into the finals, I told Jenn I really wanted to try to have a perfect round with her because I felt she had it in her. I would have probably had a couple of perfect rounds during the year, but in two of those routines, she missed a specific throw in both of those routines (the flamingo throw). I decided to modify the throw so I could throw it more consistently and the results were as good as I could have hoped. TWO perfect rounds at the finals! Having a perfect round is exceptional, but doing it 2 out of 3 rounds at the finals is truly remarkable. I feel like I’m the luckiest person in disc doggin’ to have what is probably the most consistent disc dog on the planet! The fact that catching a disc is by far her most favorite thing in the world to do and her super sweet personality, what a perfect disc dog she is!

Muse perfect rounds:

The long distance D-Tour Championships also took place at the UFO Finals. Muse qualified with Ellie in the Women’s division and with me in the Men’s division. Ellie won the Championship with her dog, Preston, and managed to get 2nd place with Muse! Ellie is going to be awesome in 2014! For me, I had 2 of my longest throws EVER in a competition. Unfortunately, Muse tipped both of them. She would have ended up very likely with at least a 2nd place finish if she caught either of them. Despite that, she still caught a pretty long throw which probably put us in 4th place, just outside of the placements. The official results are not posted yet, but it was very likely near the top.

Here are my favorite moments of the finals:

1. Tooney final freestyle round of her career!
2. Muse 2 perfect rounds!
3. Muse 5th place overall UFO World Cup!
4. Slayte having some great rounds at the Finals!
5. Enzo finishing 11th in the UFO World Cup! (Ellie and Muse 2nd in D-Tour almost made the list…)

The 2013 disc dog season is over and my 4 awesome dogs finished it off with some of their best performances of the year. I plan more blog updates to sum up some things from the season and other various disc doggin’ thoughts. Who knows, maybe Jenn will eventually post a blog update on agility. She still does it… I think….