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Colorado Canine Challenge 2013

We went to the CCC again this year. This is one of the biggest and most difficult competitions around. I went for the UFO primarily and wanted to try to get more UFO points for Enzo and Muse since they are in the top 5 overall standings right now.

On Saturday (UFO major), Muse and Enzo both had strong freestyle rounds. Poor Slayte was having a great round before he bit his tongue and had to stop 😦 Slayte has been doing great at competitions and I’m glad we’re past his performance anxiety issues he was having! Enzo was the top freestyle team not to make the cut to the top 10. Muse had a good round of freestyle and made the cut to the top 10. She added to that a 17.5 point round in toss/fetch and finished 4th overall! One of the premier events and this little puppy that JUST turned a year old last weekend finished 4th overall, ahead of multiple former champions and even Enzo, who finished 2nd overall at this event last year. Muse moved up a bit in the UFO standings and is now in 4th place, just 0.5 points ahead of Enzo in 5th. Slayte is tied for 9th.

Muse freestyle:

Sunday was the Quadruped long distance event. I enjoy throwing long distance but my disc dog life revolves around freestyle. I managed a 69.8 yard catch with Enzo in the Men’s division, but even that wasn’t enough in this kind of event! We had 4 total catches, all of which were over 60 yards. We finished as the top team not to make the finals at 5th place. Jenn played with Slayte and was the top team not to make the finals for the Women’s division with a catch at 42.5 yards. Our friend Ellie played with Muse in the Women’s division and got 2nd place along with a 58.5 yard throw, getting the longest throw of the division award!

Enzo Quad:

Ellie and Muse Quad:

Slayte Quad:

Not only is Muse showing that she’s becoming a top notch disc dog, for those that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person, she is an absolute sweetheart. She loves people, she loves other dogs, she loves to play and especially chase a disc. She just loves life. If you watch me walk onto the field with her you will see her casually come out, looking around and wandering almost aimlessly like she has no clue what is going on. She acts like she’s not even interested in playing! I give her the command to start our routine and it’s like a switch is turned on and for the next 2 minutes, she is a crazed Frisbee dog. As soon as our freestyle round is over. “Click” she’s off and accepts that we’re done. She doesn’t question how we do things, she doesn’t challenge the rules I have set and she doesn’t try to make up her own game. We affectionately call her “Mubot” which is short for Muse-Robot for this reason. She is completely, 100% reliable and predictable when she performs and pretty much never makes a mistake.