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2014 Disc Dog Goals – Results

Here are the end of year results for 2014. We ended up 11/16 for 68.8%. Not great but that is skewed due to unforeseen problems such as Slayte and Enzo’s injuries and Muse going into heat right in the middle of the season.

For myself:
* I want to develop and perfect a 2-handed throw that I’ve been tinkering with, that should look impressive with Muse’s freestyle routine.
Accomplished! I use this in my routine with Muse.

* Make a new backwards staker under the leg throw I’ve come up with consistent. If it works, it’ll be pretty awesome.
Failed. I got the throw working decent but it didn’t get consistent enough to use in competition.

* Add air brush variations and improve consistency.
Accomplished! I do several air brushes in every routine and they are almost always successful.

* Body roll improvement.
Failed. Too many other things to work on, just not enough time.

* Continue to work on strength and conditioning. Elliptical trainer, hiking, biking, throwing practice, strengthening / stretching are the ingredients.
Accomplished! I have lost 20lb this year.

* Qualify at least two dogs for both the AWI and UFO finals.
Accomplished! Muse and Enzo both qualified for the finals but unfortunately Muse went into heat and we were unable to attend the finals.

* I want Tooney to still be competing when she turns 12 at the end of the season.
Accomplished! She retired after the last competition of the year, the Crusty Classic.

* Make modifications to his freestyle routine to simplify things a bit and make him more successful. Focus on what he does best, medium distance throws.
Accomplished! I was able to simplify his routine and he was having a great year until his leg got cut open, causing him to spend the rest of the season recovering.

* Get more consistent at being a top toss and fetch dog. Despite having a toss and fetch win in 2013, Enzo overall wasn’t as strong as he was in previous years.
Failed. He had some good rounds for sure, but he was not consistent.

* Place at a competition during the year.
Accomplished! He placed and won numerous events.

* Develop a mature routine that includes more medium and longer throws while keeping his focus.
Failed. I decided to stop doing freestyle with him because of a nagging injury. The up side is he has been able to focus on agility and get much better at toss/fetch type events.

* Improve at toss and fetch. In 2012, he was excellent. In 2013 he started jumping more and was missing a lot. This year I hope to get him the practice he needs to improve.
Accomplished! He placed or won almost every toss and fetch event I entered him in.

* Win a major competition during the year.
Accomplished! She won numerous qualifying events this season, having the most successful season for any dog that I’ve had.

* A perfect freestyle routine in competition.
Failed. Lots of 1-drop routines including at the Purina IDC finals. I have so many difficult throws, we’re bound to have one of them not connect.

* Win two toss and fetch competitions.
Accomplished! She won several toss and fetch events this year.

* Get 5 40 yard throws off in a minute toss and fetch every time (or almost every time). She does this more than half the time right now, but I want to see it at least 90% of the time.
Accomplished! She gets 5 40 yard throws pretty much every round. I spent a lot of time working on this, especially alone. How do you work on this alone? While practicing throws, I would visualize my round with Muse, much like shadow boxing. It made a huge difference. I effectively was able to improve her rounds simply by practicing it myself. Muse also did a lot of pupalates (balance peanut, disc, etc) and hiking with me, improving her strength and conditioning.