Monthly Archives: February 2014

2014 Disc Dog Goals

As I do every year, I come up with a list of goals for the year, then review at the end of the year to see how we did. I plan to work towards these goals with practice, hard work and determination. I don’t just hope that the goals will happen, I put in the effort and make them happen.

For myself:
* I want to develop and perfect a 2-handed throw that I’ve been tinkering with, that should look impressive with Muse’s freestyle routine.

* Make a new backwards staker under the leg throw I’ve come up with consistent. If it works, it’ll be pretty awesome.

* Add air brush variations and improve consistency.

* Body roll improvement.

* Continue to work on strength and conditioning. Elliptical trainer, hiking, biking, throwing practice, strengthening / stretching are the ingredients.

* Qualify at least two dogs for both the AWI and UFO finals.

* I want Tooney to still be competing when she turns 12 at the end of the season.

* Make modifications to his freestyle routine to simplify things a bit and make him more successful. Focus on what he does best, medium distance throws.

* Get more consistent at being a top toss and fetch dog. Despite having a toss and fetch win in 2013, Enzo overall wasn’t as strong as he was in previous years.

* Place at a competition during the year.

* Develop a mature routine that includes more medium and longer throws while keeping his focus.

* Improve at toss and fetch. In 2012, he was excellent. In 2013 he started jumping more and was missing a lot. This year I hope to get him the practice he needs to improve.

* Win a major competition during the year.

* A perfect freestyle routine in competition.

* Win two toss and fetch competitions.

* Get 5 40 yard throws off in a minute toss and fetch every time (or almost every time). She does this more than half the time right now, but I want to see it at least 90% of the time.