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2015 Disc Dog Season Opener

First weekend in March was the Las Vegas Blast Off competition. Saturday was a Skyhoundz Discdogathon and Sunday was a UFO local. I always Enjoy this competition and this year was no different.

I love the Discdogathon because there are 5 games that test you and your dog’s skills in different ways and since there are so many games, the dogs sleep good that night! The 5 games are freestyle, pairs d/a, bullseye, spot landing and time trial. I tend to be good in all the games except spot landing as I have never been able to figure out how to successfully get jumping dogs to land in the circles on the field or to be able to predict how low to throw the disc so they won’t jump, but at the same time won’t miss the disc because it’s too low. It’s not something I practice or have a reason to really be good at it beyond this specific event so I’m not going to be too worried about it. The other events apply skills needed for freestyle and toss/fetch, so I think that is why I excel in those.

There were 16 awards given out for the Discdogathon. 3 for each category and 1st overall for the combined score. I managed to figure into 10 of these awards. Hopefully I don’t make any mistakes but it’s certainly possible. My dogs swept the time trial. Muse 1st, Key 2nd, Enzo 3rd. In pairs d/a, I was part of all of the top 3 teams. Slayte won the event with Key getting 2nd (with Ellie) and Darren and I got 3rd with one of his dogs (Ultra or Xcell…). I was the hired hand and ended up throwing in this event to 11 dogs. Muse won freestyle with Key getting 3rd. Yes, Key got 3rd! She only missed a few discs and was truly amazing. Muse also won bullseye as that is her best event. Muse then won overall for the combined event and Key got 3rd!

Sunday is where I really wanted to do a good job for the dogs. UFO points are going to be very important for us this year since the UFO finals are going to be in SoCal. 4 of the top competitors from SoCal made it to the event, so the competition was strong. Muse won the overall combined freestyle + toss/fetch and Enzo got 3rd. Enzo had one of his best freestyle rounds in a long time. Almost scored as high as Muse! Key finished 5th overall, which is very impressive. Her freestyle was decent but her toss/fetch was even better. In the open toss/fetch division (2 rounds), Key won!!! I can’t believe it! Muse got 2nd but apparently couldn’t keep up with Key!

Little Key is going to be awesome. I have been saying she will be a great freestyle dog for sure, but right now she’s putting up big points in toss/fetch. I am so excited!

Freestyle rounds Sunday:

Key toss/fetch rounds Sunday: