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2015 SoCal Skyhoundz Qualifiers

This weekend is always one of the most popular in the southwest and this year was no different having competitors from at least 4 states. The weather was cool and overcast both days, which was great for the dogs. My elbow has been pretty screwed up with ulnar nerve issues. I had over 30 rounds over the weekend, so I am hoping my elbow didn’t get worse!

Saturday was our Skyhoundz classic qualifier. Muse won the open division on the strength of two nice freestyle rounds and the highest D/A of 22 points. My crew took the top three spots in the sport division (D/A only). Muse won it, Slayte 2nd and Enzo 3rd. Key finished in 5th. My throws were surprisingly good considering my elbow. Of the throws, 26 were in the maximum 5 point zone (40 yards) and 5 were in the 30 yard zone. I normally don’t pay any attention to these numbers or statistics. I don’t really care to be honest. But I was asked the question from someone at the competition and then I figured I may as well just count them up out of curiosity and I am pleasantly surprised.

On Sunday we had our discdogathon qualifier. It was a lot of fun with non-stop action in five different events. Muse won freestyle with a dropless round. She also won bullseye and got 2nd place in both spot landing and pairs D/A. Key got 3rd place in time trial.

Here’s Muse doing freestyle without a miss!