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Decent Practice Today

That first dogwalk looks like he actually got but just barely got his front feet in at the bottom. I thought so but wasn’t sure until I watched the video. I didn’t mark it as wrong but didn’t reward either. All of his misses today were ones where he didn’t put that second stride in which seems better than him putting in two strides but not getting down far enough in my mind since the one stride should be easier to fix than trying to get him to sometimes add a 3rd stride. He may need to sometimes though. We’ll have to see.

He also did much better with his aframes today. No misses. The video didn’t work but I did an extra one at the end to get the video and stuck it at the end of the dogwalk videos.


Last Practice before the rain

It’s supposed to rain from today through Tuesday but I managed to sneak in a quick practice session right as the rain was starting. Got Jeff to video so I didn’t have to mess with the camera.

I did a few reps on the dogwalk and all looked good so I left it at that and moved over to the aframe. I’m beginning to get a little worried about how I’m going to handle this though!

Aframe and Dogwalk Video

I haven’t video’d any aframes for a while because I’ve just been doing a couple here and there. He had been doing really good on them but of course missed a bunch for the video! I know why though. I moved the tunnel from the end of the aframe and put it at the end of the dogwalk so coming down in that direction he’s coming down into the wall. he has enough room but it’s making him shorten up his strides. You can see that he does good going in the other direction.

More Dogwalk Practice

My camera’s still acting up so I just got the beginning and end of our session. He started out missing again but then settled down. He started getting some good hits that I didn’t get on video so I decided to try a couple without the box and he did good!

Today’s Dogwalk Session

Today’s dogwalk session started out not so good but ended well. After watching the video, I think he was focusing on the toy I was holding and not the box or the jump standard that he was supposed to wrap at the end of the dogwalk. I should have put the toy on the ground. I also tried taking off the 3-way connectors on the end so maybe that was too soon for that. I think next time I’ll also put my tunnel at the opposite end so he has something to drive to going that way.

I got a few good dogwalks at the end of our session but my video cut off again so I set it up again and had him do one good one for the camera. I really like that last one!

Running (jumping?) dogwalk training

More video of our dogwalk training with the box. The top bar is off of the box and he doesn’t seem to notice. He’s more consistantly dong two strides instead of three into the box but that last stride is pretty big. I’m hoping his strides will even out like they did on the aframe and then this may actually work! Keeping my fingers crossed. Either way this is an interesting experiment. I’m quite amazed how similar he looks on the dogwalk and the aframe.

Running Dogwalk Experiment

Enzo’s understanding of getting in the box seemed to work so well on the aframe so I am trying it on the dogwalk too. He definitely understands getting in the box on the dogwalk but I don’t know if it will hold up without the box.

My video camera was also acting up and stopped recording on it’s own both sessions today. Hopefully it just needed to be charged but it was showing half battery…