Jeff and Enzo are qualified for the UFO World Cup Finals!

We went to a UFO Local competition in Flagstaff AZ this weekend. They did two rounds of freestyle. Their first round was definitely the best routine that they have had so far. Enzo’s catch ratio was 83% ! His catching ability is just really improving the past few months. It was pretty windy in the second round but he still caught 70-some percent of the discs. Jeff is doing a lot better with adjusting for the wind now. Jeff and Enzo were by far the most experienced freestyle team out there so even though they didn’t have a good Toss & Catch round they still ended up placing first! That gave them enough points to qualify for the UFO World Cup finals. I don’t think that we will be able to go this year though.

Tooney also did really well in her routines with Jeff and they placed 3rd overall in Open.

It was a small competition and the AZ Disc Dog Club is pretty new so I ended up being one of the judges for freestyle. That was my first time judging. It was interesting but difficult! All three of us judges were first timers.

We drove back last night and then I went to an AKC trial this morning. Tooney got 2nd place in standard and had a nice jumpers run but knocked a bar. It seems like I got her dogwalk speeded back up again but I’m a little worried that she might start leaping. One issue at a time I guess. Enzo went off couse in standard. He took the wrong end of a tunnel that I could have sworn was not in his line of sight. I know at least two other fast dogs in 16″ did the same thing though. In JWW, he knocked a bar early on and then had an off course later on but that was totally my fault.


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  1. Hooray! Congrats to Jeff and Enzo! That’s awesome news. Nice job to Tooney getting a 2nd in STD! What a great weekend, agility AND frisbee!

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