A Good Frisbee and Agility Weekend!

We went to a UFO local competition in Lancaster CA on Saturday. It was really windy, 20-30 mph, so not great conditions for frisbee but at least the rain held off. I had some good T&F rounds with both Tooney and Enzo. I’m throwing a lot better than before but still not that consistent. The Hero Xtra discs help a lot.

Jeff and Enzo had a great Freestyle round especially considering the wind. They had the highest scoring Freestyle routine but unfortunately Enzo only got 3 points with Jeff in T&F. They still did well enough in freestyle to place 3rd overall though!

Tooney and Jeff had fun in their rountine but Tooney didn’t catch that much. She did really well in T&F with him but missed the last throw which was a perfect throw. Tooney normally doesn’t miss like that but she might have been a little tired.

Today I went to an AKC trial. In standard Tooney missed her Aframe contact which almost never happens and Enzo had an awesome run. A couple slightly wide turns but he ended up with 3rd place and only 1.4 seconds behind Driven who won at AKC Nationals this year.

Jumpers had some tricky angles in it but both Tooney and Enzo ran clean. Tooney had a nice efficient run. Enzo’s run was a little on the edge. He was really fast and I ended up really late on a rear cross so he went really wide and came really close to running past the next jump. He also spun coming out of a tunnel near the end because I ran along the back side and couldn’t meet him at the end. We made it though. Enzo placed 4th and Tooney 5th. This seems to happen a lot! There were only a few tenths of a second between 2nd place and 5th place. Driven came in first and was a couple seconds ahead.

Most importantly, Enzo got his first double Q!!!! Maybe there is hope to get 5 more by the end of November…


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  1. Awesome job this weekend. Bayer sucks in the wind so I can sympathize. He just jumps so early that he can’t make good decisions on timing. I’m crossing my fingers for Enzo to get those last 5 QQs. It would be very cool to see him running in NC.

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