Performance Speed Jumping Semifinals

Here’s Tooney and Enzo’s PSJ runs. I handled them a little differently. Normally I try to handle them the same. For Enzo I handled 4-6 as a serpentine and rear crossed 6. For Tooney, I left her in the weaves a little and front crossed between 4 and 5. Both ways worked fine. I didn’t think I’d be able to get far enough away from the weaves to get a timely front cross in for Enzo.

The other place I handled them differently was from the 12 tunnel to the weaves. For Enzo I pulled to the 13 jump and then rear crossed jump 15. The line from 13 to 15 on the actual course was a little straighter than on the map which was why I didn’t cross behind number 14. With Tooney I front crossed on the landing side of jump 13. That almost pushed her out to the off course jump. I didn’t want to handle that line with her the way that I did for Enzo because I was worried that the rear cross would pull her off the weave entrance. Enzo actually has better weave entrances than Tooney does, but is not as good with me leaving him laterally in the weaves.

The ending line I should have rear crossed number 18. I thought I could be even with them for the push but I wasn’t. I was a little bit worried that putting pressure on that jump would send them into the tunnel instead.

Tooney was clean but with the wide turns her time wasn’t nearly good enough to make the finals. She ended up 17th and they took 10. Enzo had another missed contact but with his wide turn before the aframe and the spin at the end, his time still would have been just out of the finals. His time would have put him in 13th if he didn’t miss the contact.


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