The Elusive Double Q

I went to another AKC trial this weekend with Enzo only. We started the weekend with a kind of weird JWW course with a lot of funky lead changes. I wasn’t a very fun course but we got through the parts that I thought were the hard parts but I got out of position at the very end. We were supposed to drive down a fairly straight line of jumps but I ended up behind and lateral and he pulled into an off course tunnel. Standard went much better and he ended up getting first place. His teeter performance was a little borderline but he didn’t get called for it. He did his dogwalk really well and is driving better to the bottom. He still isn’t stopping on the aframe in trials but he is adding an extra stride at least.

He had two nice runs on Sunday but no Q’s. In Jww, he ended up knocking one bar but it was totally my fault for yelling his name when he was taking the triple. The triple jump was facing the wrong ended of the tunnel and I could see that he was locked on to it. I didn’t cue him properly before he took off and panicked. In standard he knocked a bar when I was doing a front cross. I may have said something to him as he was jumping here too and the cross might have been a bit late. He ended up getting called on the teeter too. He kind of bounced off the side and somehow ended up running behind me. I lost him for a second and even though he was running towards the correct tunnel I called him back and resent him because i don’t want him to think it’s ok to run behind me. His dogwalk was really nice again and his aframe was a little better than the day before. The stinker did get up on the table once but he sat back down after a couple commands. In the past he would have been done with the table if that happened.

I’ll have to see if still have any of the course maps because there were some interesting courses. Unfortunately, our chances of making AKC nationals are offically gone but at least now I can concentrate on improving my handling and tightening up his turns without the pressure!


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  1. Definitely look for the course maps, I forgot about uploading mine until Sunday so I only have Sunday’s maps and plan to load them tonight, for prosperity’s sake of course! lol. Anyway good job with Enzo! (How come Tooney didn’t go?) I am looking forward to Java morphing into Enzo soon. ;o)

  2. It was just that I had entered so many trials in November and I kind of looked at the total cost and decided to cut back a little. I was also wondering if a little break might get her to pay attention a little more when she does get to play. I’m sure Java will get there soon!

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