Nancy Gyes Seminar

Enzo and I went to a two day seminar with Nancy this past weekend. We definitely got a lot of good practice with a lot of tough sequences, threadles, serpentines, 270’s, push throughs and the funky triangle thing where you have to push to the backside of the jump and then wrap around. Got some good practice with front crosses and tight rear crosses. Enzo was jumping 22″ all weekend. He started out a little tentative but by the end of the first day he was a lot more confident. He was also turning pretty nice most of the time so either my timing and signals are getting better or he’s learning when he needs to chip in with an extra stride to turn before jumping or both.

Nancy also gave me some tips on Enzo’s leadout. she said to play with him then have him lay down, do this a few times then lead out. If he gets up go back and play with him and then have him down and lead out again. This way he doesn’t get to go until I tell him but he doesn’t get to stress out about it either.


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  1. This comment may show up twice? Anyway awesome advice on the lead out. I learned the “triangle” at LM camp this year too. Though I haven’t seen it on course yet I’m sure since a lot of people are presenting about it, we’ll start to see it.

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