USDAA trial – Driven Dogs, Fillmore

Went to one day of a USDAA on Saturday. I was hoping to get some tournament Q’s but that didn’t happen. I don’t think I was quite mentally focused on agility. Tooney missed her weave entrance in P3 standard and didn’t get the gamble in P3 gamblers. She got the first 4 obstacles but didn’t get the last jump. In PNS, her only fault was a missed dogwalk contact. In PSJ she went off course. I took one step too far. Didn’t see the potential off course to the broad jump.

Enzo Q’d in starters gamblers. His second q in that. He ran his dogwalk and aframe contacts even when I had him do the dogwalk twice. He got his first Q in starters standard. His contacts managed to hold together long enough for that. In the Grand Prix, he knocked the first bar and then the rest of the run was kind of a mess. He missed a weave pole when I ran ahead to front cross, missed his aframe contact, and then I couldn’t get him out to the jump after the chute. There was an impossible long run down the entire length of the field and I just could not get there in time. He ended up barking at me and running past the jump. I think that was the first time that I really needed a directional, either right or out. His Steeplechase run was better but he ended leaping over both his aframe contacts and knocked a bar. I’m glad I don’t have any trials coming up for a few weeks so we can do some reminder training.


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