New MX title

Overall, not a very successful weekend, as I only got 1 Q out of 8 runs between the two dogs but at least Enzo got his 10th Excellent B Standard Q for his MX title. Tooney was having weave entry problems all weekend except for her last run where she took the wrong end of a tunnel. I’m going to have to do a little weave refresher training with her. Other than that she was running pretty good.

Enzo’s standard run on Saturday had an off course. I made a poor handing choice. It was table jump teeter in a pinwheel shape with the aframe about 10-15ft from the teeter. I did a front cross between the jump and teeter and Enzo ran behind me and took the aframe. Since I can’t lead out at the table I probably should have pulled to the teeter and front crossed at the end. In JWW, he got the wrong end of the tunnel. I didn’t get his head in time. Sunday’s standard Enzo ran clean and actually stuck his aframe contact! woohoo! Still a little sticky on the dogwalk stopping just short of the ground. Table was good both days. In JWW, he knocked the first bar and also missed the weave entrance, he bounced off the poles somehow but I was pushing him and got a little ahead of the weaves before he got there.

2 days of USDAA next weekend. Hopefully we will have a better Q rate!


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  1. CONGRATS on the MX that is so awesome! Go Enzo! Weird about Tooney, hopefully she gets better soon.

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