Dixon, CA USDAA trial

3 days and 26 runs! Big thank you to Jeff for helping me take the dogs back and forth. He really makes thing a lot easier and less stressful for me when I have ring conflicts to keep track of. By the end of the weekend, I couldn’t even keep track of what I’d Q’d or placed in and had to look it up. Here’s a link to results and course maps if interested:


On Friday, Tooney had an awesome P3 Snookers run for 58 points and 3rd place. She also got 4th in standard, 3rd in jumpers and 6th in PNS. In Relay, she went off course. Enzo Q’d and got 1st (even with a little slip) in Starters Jumpers (6.2 YPS) which finished his AD and allows him to move up to Advanced in everything now. He also got his 1st Grand Prix Q for the season! That was a big relief! Just need one more and he’ll be done for nationals. He was pretty fast and ran it in 5.2 YPS but still about 3 seconds short of the fastest BC’s. His time was right in the mix of a bunch of fast BC’s though. In Advanced Standard he knocked a bar and called on the teeter and in starters snookers the judge got in my way and that got me a little messed up and he missed a weave entry ( actually he entered then came out) and then backjumped one of the reds. Didn’t really matter since he had finished his AD earlier. Oh and he also Q’d and placed 4th in Starters Relay which was his 3rd so that was his SR title.

Here’s Friday’s videos.



On Saturday, Tooney Q’d in P3 jumpers and P3 snookers but no placements. The gamble wasn’t something I expected her to get and in standard, she jumped off the table early and we got a little messed up at the end. Enzo got 1st in Advanced Gamblers (who knew that he understands “right!”), 4th in Advanced standard (good boy calling off the tunnel!) and 2nd in starters snookers. In starters jumpers, he went off course but totally my fault for not cueing a tight turn. Neither dog Q’d in Steeplchase/PSJ. Enzo knocked a bar and missed his aframe contact when I tried to front cross the base. He also ran behind me off the side of the aframe which was a little freaky. In Tooney’s PSJ run she missed the weave entry and then started sniffing! Don’t know if it was stress or if she smelled something good. Very unusual for her though. usually redoing the weave entrance isn’t a big deal to her.

Toooney Saturday:

Enzo Saturday:

For Sunday, I only had 3 runs per dog instead of 5. light day! ha! So I started out the day with a conflict. I ended up running Tooney in P3 relay while Jeff held Enzo. That was probably a mistake since that made him completely wild for his advanced standard run. He leapt off the aframe (not sure if he hit it or not since I was behind him) and went around the next jump and then backjumped it when I tried to bring him around. Jeff missed part of this video since he hit pause accidentally but in the part he missed Enzo pulled off a jump that I didn’t support enough. His teeter was a little iffy too. So Sunday’s tally ended up with Tooney getting 2nd in P3 Gamblers, 3rd in P3 Relay. The P3 gamblers Q finished her PD3! In standard she ran past the teeter at the end. Enzo Q’d and got 3rd in Advanced Gamblers which finished his AG so he can move up to Masters Gamblers! I never thought that Gamblers would be the event that I would ever move up in first since I don’t train for it! He also got a Q in Advanced Relay. Both he and his partner knocked a bar and I almost lost Enzo to a tunnel. My first instinct was to run on the other side of the aframe instead of front crossing before it but it made the baton exchange harder.

Here’s Sunday’s videos



Overall a really good weekend with both dogs getting 8 out of 13 Q’s. Tooney did the best the first day and then maybe got a little tired because it didn’t seem like she was paying attention quite as well the next two days. Enzo seemed to pick up some speed and intensity about midway through the first day which made things pretty exciting. I was glad to have gotten the jumpers and Grand Prix Q before that happened since those were the 2 Q’s that I really wanted this weekend. His dogwalk contacts were really good all weekend, his aframe kind of so-so but at least he was getting most of them and they didn’t completely fall apart. I tried to work the aframe in both gamblers runs. He didn’t knock any first bars and all of the bars that did come down were probably caused by me.


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Go Enzo getting a GP Q!

  2. it was great seeing you guys again!Hopefully when you come up in Sept. we will have a new addition you can socialize for us. ;)I need to get you the photos still!!

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