AKC trial – Lakeview Terrace 5/2 -5/3/2009

Starting to get back into AKC mode now. Enzo doesn’t seem to run quite as hard at 16″ but that probably just feels that way since he doesn’t have to put much effort into jumping since his YPS are good. Saturday JWW, Enzo Q’d and got 4th place. He had one really wide turn where he was going towards an off course jump and he slowed down a bit when I called him off but still was 5.8 YPS. There was only a few tenths of a second between him and 2nd place and less than a second from first. Tooney went off course in the place where Enzo went wide. In standard, Enzo and Tooney both had awesome runs and placed 1st and 2nd. Enzo beat Tooney by about 1 second. Enzo was 4.2 YPS in his standard run. He stopped short on the dogwalk and I didn’t make him come all the way down. I should have. His aframe he left a little high. So that is double Q #5 for Enzo and 2nd of the year. Only need 4 more for nationals.

Sunday wasn’t as good of a day. JWW was a pretty challenging course. Tooney went off course because she didn’t hold her stay and Enzo popped out of the weaves. The ground was pretty uneven and the base was not level on the ground so I think he tripped on them and I was leaving laterally so he just came out. In standard, we had to run on the backside of a tunnel and call them towards us. Enzo didn’t quite get that. He came out of the tunnel going the wrong way and then went back in when I called him. The rest of the run was really nice and he actually stopped on the dogwalk at the bottom and not short of the bottom! He of course didn’t stop on the aframe but did come down farther. Tooney had a really nice run and placed 1st! 4.3 YPS! Her second fastest YPS in standard that I have recorded (I know there are some that are missing, I’m trying to be better at this!).


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  1. Damn that’s awesome!! I suck at tracking YPS but I know I should because it would help me see if my dogs are improving their speeds or if they drop in speed. I feel the same way with Trin at 22″. Usually she feels faster at higher heights like she is pushing harder. Great job though, I can’t wait to hang out at nationals next year.

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