Poor Enzo!

We went to an AKC trial this weekend. Saturday went ok. Both Tooney and Enzo went off course in JWW. Same mistake in different parts of the course. I guess we need practice on long runs through jump boxes. They both went out away from me to take an off course jump. They just weren’t sure where to go. Both had really nice runs in standard. Enzo got 2nd in standard just a few tenths of a second behind 1st. He beat Dash the aussie for the first time (by 0.1 secs). Dash is a really awesome fast aussie. Of course Enzo is pretty much running all his contacts right now. Well, I’m calling it a 2on/2off self release! lol. He’s doing the striding for a stopped contact, just not stopping.

On Sunday, we were supposed to run JWW first. After I finished my walkthrough I went back to the crates and got Enzo out and there was blood all over his crate mat. Didn’t take long for me to see that his one foot was covered in blood. I carried him into the bathroom to wash his foot off. His outside toe got a deep cut on the edge. No idea how it happened, he never limped or yelped so don’t even know when it happened but I assume it was when I was walking them around in the morning. A friend located a first aid kit for me and I used the antibiotic ointment, gauze and vetwrap. My shorts were covered in blood from carrying him around but it was time to run Tooney so I ran over to the ring and we somehow ran clean and she got 2nd place. Standard didn’t go so well, I front crossed at the end of the weaves and ended up completely out of position and put her over the back side of the jump.

After we got home, I checked out Enzo’s foot and it actually doesn’t look too bad for how much it was bleeding. As long as it doesn’t get infected or anything he should be fine for our Skyhoundz Regional this weekend. We might just have to wrap it. He doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with him.


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  1. box drills. box drills. icky but oooo so very needed. I groan at class when we have them but then am very glad we have them.

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