USDAA trial – Chula Vista

Enzo’s foot seems to be 100% now so that’s good. Tooney and Enzo both ran in a USDAA trial this weekend. On Saturday, Tooney and her partner both went off course in Pairs, Tooney missed the weave entry in Standard, went off course right before the closing in snookers, then in P3 jumpers she Q’d and got 2nd place. Sunday she only ran in gamblers and jumpers. The gamble was not one that I expected either dog to get, but she still got 2nd place because only 1 dog Q’d. Jumpers she Q’d but I didn’t see how she placed.

Enzo ran Advanced snookers first and knocked the first bar. I managed to stop him and tried to bring him around to a red but I turned around and put him over the wrong jump. oops! In advanced standard he had an awesome run, Q’d and got 1st! He had a good run in steeplechase but I got behind (because I ran the wrong line) in one part and had to push out to a jump and that caused him to turn the wrong way and then backjump. Enzo and his partner Lucky Q’d in Advanced pairs too. I entered as a draw and ended being paired with someone from his one class.

Sunday, Enzo ran in Grand Prix first. It was a pretty tough course. I was very proud of him getting the opening tunnel/dogwalk discrimination and the threadle. He knocked a bar and then went off course later on too but it was a pretty difficult spot where the dogs saw the tunnel and then a jump before they could see the weaves where they were supposed to go. I got him off the tunnel with a RFP and then turned back and moved too soon and he took the jump. Then his next run was Masters Gamblers. His first Masters run ever! It was kind of a disaster. He was wild and did his own thing. A rarity for him. He completely leapt the aframe contact and went off to do something else I should have made him do it again but I was a little flustered. He ran Advanced Standard right after that but knocked the first bar right off the bat. Then going to the table, there was an off course jump possibility so I pulled pretty hard and almost pulled him past the table. I stopped next to the table and gestured toward the table and somehow he though I wanted him to jump up into my arms (we were close to the exit)! He boinged and I caught him! I was completed suprised and started laughing. Everyone was laughing! It was really funny. Too bad there’s no video! Oh and then I waited around until almost 6pm to run advanced jumpers. Enzo had a beautiful fast run but he took down a bar because I said go tunnel and threw out my arm when he was over the bar. Oh well!


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  1. LMAO about the jumping into your arms… Java used to do that from the table when she didn't want to down. You can't help but catch them, it's ingrained in us!

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