Enzo’s in the Invitational!

The official results were posted!

1 MACH4 Barjh Batteries Not Included REG 5,329
2 MACH3 Gulfstream’s Tnt-Take No Tail MXF TQX REG 4,264
3 MACH Windsor’s Enzo Ferrari OF REG 3,326
4 MACH6 Los Suenos Gravity Games MXF REG 3,089
5 MACH2 Toprock’s La Femme Ewe-Nika NF REG 3,074
6 NAC MACH14 Blue Moon Shine On Willow MXF TQX REG 2,679
7 MACH2 Kandlelite’s Icyhot CD RE MXF REG 2,583
8 MACH7 Add It Up OF REG 2,122
9 MACH8 Roanoak Reinflame Red Hot Chai MXF TQX REG 1,993
10 MACH2 Katch 22 Animation XF REG 1,837
11 MACH Hardins Dust Up Rinse Repeat XF REG 1,610
12 MACH5 Schiml’s Denim Blue Dylin OF REG 1,583
13 MACH2 Sunnybrook Hang Ten REG 1,533
14 Granite’s Fly Like The Wind VCD2 RE TDX MX MXJ MXF REG 1,450
15 MACH8 Imagineer’s Rely On Me REG 1,438
16 MACH3 Renfield Rave-On MXF REG 1,392
17 MACH Heiland’s Jackie D Pessoa REG 1,354
18 MACH Boedekers To Hot To Touch NF REG 1,349
19 MACH3 Windy Farms Shoo Fly RE NJP OF REG 1,349
20 MACH6 Katch Grand Cherokee XF REG 1,300
21 MACH3 Old Oaks Capt Rocky Yr Socks CD XF REG 1,272
22 MACH Catalina Pitsch Black Knight OF REG 1,257
23 MACH4 Staarry Heavens To Bessie UDX RAE MXF REG 1,248
24 CH MACH3 Agile Collinswood Razzmatazz CD XF REG 1,246
25 MACH2 Mychanceto Scoot MXF REG 1,208

We took the 4th of July weekend off. Then I went to an USDAA trial the day after the USDDN frisbee competition. Enzo got a Q in Masters Gamblers but no other Q’s. He was running good but had some bar issues. He really likes to jump flat and extended at 22″.

Last weekend was our first AKC trial since the qualifying period ended and Enzo. He was running great and ended getting Q’s in 3 out of 4 and placed first in all 3! Now that I don’t have to worry about our Q rate, I can work on handling more aggressivly and staying out in front of him which is not an easy thing to do! Should be fun for both of us!

Tooney unfortunately is still lame. She is better since she’s been on the Metacam but who knows if she is actually getting better or if it’s just that the drug is helping with the pain.

I’m a little behind on videos, I still have the Skyhoundz regional and the USDDN regional to post.


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