MACH2 Enzo – 10/16/2010- plus some other musings.

Enzo got his 40th double Q this past Saturday for his MACH2. He’s such an awesome little boy. Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring my video camera. He had a fast and smooth jumpers run where we had to go through some scary boxes (our old weakness) and a nice standard run with a small bobble when I had to call him off of the off course aframe.

Last weekend we went to one day of an ASCA trial. He needed one more Regular leg for his Open title. At our last ASCA trial I entered him in Open and we didn’t Q in either of our regular runs so I decided to just enter him in Elite for this trial. We didn’t Q in Elite Gamblers but he Q’d in both Elite Regular runs with the fastest time of all heights and also Q’d and got 1st in Elite Jumpers. So he finished his RS-O and got an Elite Regular and Elite Jumpers leg. Now we’re ready to try for the 2012 ASCA Agility finals in Bakersfield. Hopefully they’ll have some more ASCA trials than they normally do around here.

Then there are my frustrations with USDAA. We did a USDAA trial a couple weeks, 9 runs and only two Q’s. He had a bar in almost every run and was also having problems making his contacts with the higher aframe and the shorter dogwalk contact. His only Q’s were in Masters Pairs and Snookers. He could have gotten a Super Q if not for the knocked #6 jump in Snoookers. Not sure if I should do performance with him instead. That would at least take care of the bars and the higher aframe but the dogwalk would still be an issue. I really would like him to run in championship for a little while though since i think he’s actually fast enough to be competitive if we could just be consistent.


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  1. Go Enzo!!! MACH2?!!! Awesome! I hear ya on the USDAA woes, those contacts are TOUGH! lol I can't buy an ADV STD leg.

  2. Congrats to you and Enzo! Hope to see you at AKC Nationals in April.I am a bit disapointed with USDAA, which was my favorite venue for years. I may do one a year now just for fun or if I have the extra money.Post more video runs – I live to watch them!

  3. Thanks!Kat, I'd like to go to AKC nationals next year but not sure if we will go yet. It's a long drive and Enzo's not the flying type. If Tooney is healed from her injury then I might have to and make it her last nationals at 16". Are going for sure?

  4. Wow!!!!! Huge congrats on the MACH2!!!! Way to go, Enzo and Jenn!

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