2 More Good Dogwalks and a DQ!

Well we finally got a JWW Q and a Double Q on Saturday! It has been about a month since the last time Enzo and I Q’d in JWW! You would think it would be standard that we would have issues Qing in since switching to running contacts but no, not after the first month. So I spent most of our practice this week focusing back on my handling skills. In standard the course had the dogwalk going into nothing with a right turn pull to a jump. Probably the toughest dogwalk exit for us. I could have actuallyh done a big leadout and pushed off the dogwalk but I decided to try the pull and it worked! we got the double Q with two 1st places! I think with pulls off the dogwalk I just have to time it so that I can be running hard towards the end but be just a step behind him as he hits the contacts.

Today’s runs didn’t go quite as well but we did have good contacts again! well at least the dogwalk and aframe. He did come off the teeter a bit early. It wasn’t called but it did cause him to miss the next jump which was a tight 180 turn.


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  1. wtf are you talking about? sounds like a random mish-mash of agility words.

  2. How about, Enzo runs and jumps.

  3. thanks for bringing it down to my level 🙂

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