So not much energy or time for computer stuff with Slayte in the house. I have all kinds of videos on the camera right now. AKC Nationals and a bunch of frisbee videos. Dunno when I’ll get to posting them! Starting to teach Slayte a few things. He’s not real into his dog food so it’s hard to get him to work for it much. I don’t want to fill him up on treats. Luckily he’s smart and picks up on things pretty quickly. He’ll offer sit and down but haven’t gotten to the point where I want to put it on cue. Working on Leave It or it’s yer choice or whatever you want to call it. Have him getting on the balance disc and on the little travel board. He learned the tunnel by watching the other dogs. I just taught him to do it when I ask yesterday which was pretty easy. He’s a funny little guy. He loves toys and tugging but his attention span isn’t very good. He will chase rollers with the puppy discs but he won’t pick up the plastic discs. He does fast restrained recalls to food and toys. Oh and he’s growing like a weed! I think my next project will be to clicker train a retrieve.

Seems like he might turn out friendlier than Enzo but I guess that time will tell on that one.


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