Skyhoundz Regionals and Quad Pawed event

This weekend was one of our biggest competitions of the year. Saturday was the qualifier and Sunday was a disc dogathon equivalent competition with 4 different events (without freestyle).

The best news is that Tooney had 2 rounds of toss/fetch, 1 round each of freestyle, time trial, spot landing and bullseye and did great and seems to be showing no problems from all of the work and was running strong to the very end. Her injury seems to be cured and her stamina is almost 100%.

Saturday started with Tooney freestyle. She did good and I felt fine (at the time). Enzo did really good all weekend for both Jenn and I. Saturday he did very good in his freestyle round and only had 1 drop… HOWEVER I dropped 2 discs during my 2 most difficult throws. I didn’t think much of it but I came off the field thinking it must have been because my hand was cold (it was windy and cold all weekend). I normally never fumble those moves. I had my toss/fetch round with Tooney next and I threw discs all over the place with most being out of bounds. It was strange. Things were getting worse with my coordination. I haven’t thrown a disc out of bounds in several years. Then I went out with Enzo’s toss and fetch and I shanked a disc waaaaay out of bounds. I never do that!!! I came off the field and at that time I knew there was something wrong with me but I wasn’t sure what it was. Adrenaline may have been masking the real problem… Enzo had made the cut in freestyle, but I was starting to feel progressively worse. Very tired, almost sleepy, with no energy and super weak. My stomach wasn’t feeling very good. I wasn’t really hungry all day and just had some snacks. The night before, I wasn’t very hungry and had only a yogurt and banana for dinner. I did not feel like going out for my 2nd round of freestyle, but I fought through it, then I was just completely toast. We went home and I forced down some dinner despite not being hungry at all. Me not being hungry at any time for any reason is usually a bad sign. Now it’s been 2 days of no appetite. Honestly, I have no idea what the problem was, but I felt really horrible. I didn’t sleep very good that night, either, but Sunday morning I woke up and felt GREAT. The mysterious illness was gone. (FYI, Sunday night I ate like a pig)

On Sunday, the wind was WAAAAAY worse and probably 70+ competitors. However, I felt normal and was able to throw like I should. For Enzo’s toss/fetch round he had cross-wind that was absolutely ferocious (30mph?). I knew there was a chance for 0 points. Wind never intimidates me – I throw for 40 yards and don’t care about throwing everything out of bounds. Never will anybody see me throw 20’s or 30’s just to get some points and be conservative. Fuck that, I’m not a ho. The dogs and I have fun with the long throws, so that’s what I do. I was in some kind of “zone” because I threw all 4 discs right in the 5 point zone (40+ yards) and Enzo blew away the competition with 21.5 points. It was some of the loudest cheering I’ve ever heard, I couldn’t believe it. That was his best Skyhoundz toss/fetch score ever. He did good in the time trial event also, but as usual struggled in the spot-landing as I simply have not figured out a strategy with him yet despite doing it quite a few times over the years. This year they changed the rules slightly so it made things nearly impossible for Enzo’s jumping style to get points.

With what is becoming a habit, Enzo’s toss/fetch was truly amazing to watch. So exciting! Work on your weaknesses. With time and dedication, they can become a strength. I never imagined Enzo would be one of the top toss/fetch dogs around, but I am loving it now!


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