Slayte-Chia Pet

Slayte is growing fast. He’s going to be bigger than Enzo. Probably 8-10lb.

He is a little monster and in some ways worse than ever. He bites everything constantly. He is in constant motion and rarely sleeps it seems. He has more energy than Enzo and Tooney put together at that age. He has more energy than Jenn and I along with the other dogs all put together. It’s kind of scary. Tooney was super hyper at that age, but would run for 15 minutes then sleep 2 hours. This little guy runs for hours and hours and hours on end. Will not stop.

He’s starting to retrieve discs and loves to chase rollers. We spend most of our training doing restrained recalls and doing some lefts, rights, sits, etc.

He is absolutely wearing me out. My shoulder hurts from tugging and restraining him on recalls. I hope he gets the focus he needs to harness that energy.


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