Slayte’s first competition and Enzo is forced to do agility.

I ran Enzo in an ASCA agility trial this past weekend while Jeff judged a local UFO and played Toss and Fetch with Tooney and Slayte. I’m sure Enzo would rather do Frisbee but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and I would really like to qualify for ASCA Finals in 2012 since they are in Bakersfield. He has a blast running those ASCA courses though. He ended getting 2.5 Q’s in standard and 4 Q’s in jumpers. He broke his speed record and ran one jumpers course in 7.00 YPS! He also had one standard course that was almost 6 YPS. He has a total of 9 points towards finals now. I think the half Q’s don’t count towards that.

Jeff played with Slayte at his first ever competition and he did awesome. Really happy with how his retrieve looked. He’s a lot slower coming back when we play at home. I believe that he’s still struggling with whether he should bring it back or run off with it at home. He also didn’t seem to mind the sun and at home he often wants shade. Anyways here’s the video!

oh and latest measurement was 17″ and weight was 25 lbs.


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  1. Wow that puppy has springs!!!

  2. Cute! He looks great and he's already bigger than Spice! He doesn't look that big in the video though.

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