Slayte (ie LG/little guy) is nuts. That is really my only point to this post. I think that is why Jenn has abandoned this blog – Slayte has destroyed what has made us human. OK, it’s not that bad, but you get the idea.

We got what we asked for I guess. When we went to check out the puppies, this one particular puppy was pretty much insane. Non-stop bonkers. Biting everything, untying our shoes by pulling on the laces, tripping us by grabbing our pant leg as we walked by, chewing on Jenn’s hair, overall just being a nightmare. This 1 puppy had red lights flashing, signs saying “keep away” and horns blaring “danger, danger”. Well, that turned out to be the one we chose, Slayte.

Fast forward 4 months. Slayte now decides to harass us at 1AM-4AM by standing on us in bed, barking at us, barking at Tooney, destroying our laundry baskets (which have been moved to the hallway), destroying the bed, squeaking toys, etc. Hours of play time before bed is clearly not enough for him. Jenn and I have a lot of energy and really can pour a lot of time into the puppy (we have no lives outside the dogs, so the dogs is what we do), but he’s wearing us out. Jenn says her arms and legs feel rubbery all the time now. I hurt all over. We tug, play Frisbee, teach tricks, obedience, agility fundamentals, etc from about 5PM until 10 or 11PM. I’m not even including the play time he gets during the day chasing Tooney and driving me nuts while I try to work. 5-6 hours straight before bed!!! When I say straight I mean it. It is non-stop playing. Jenn plays with him, I play with him, he chases Tooney around. We try to take a break – he won’t let us – he stares at us and barks non-stop and we give in to it and tug or play Frisbee or whatever for another 30-45 minutes. It’s just a non-stop cycle. Our only short breaks are when he chases Tooney around for a bit. It probably only lasts 5 minutes.

He also destroys anything cardboard or paper related in the house. It makes our house a total mess with tiny shreds of the stuff all over the place.

He has learned so much because of his endless energy. I’m running out of things I can teach him because he’s not old enough to do the more physically demanding stuff. He knows pretty much all the basic Frisbee moves that there are: left, right, through, on, scoot, over, around, circle, dog catch, blah blah blah.

Would I change anything??? NOOOOOOOO! I would take a puppy like this any day. He’s a total blast and is everything we really wanted. I wouldn’t even want a dog with slightly less energy or slightly less drive. Heck I’d even be happy if he were even more bonkers (not sure that is even possible). We love him and are so happy he is this way, even though he acts as if he’s taking crack with a speed chaser constantly! It’s just difficult on us physically.


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  1. Thanks for the update Jeff, I miss stuff on FB a lot. He sounds like a perfect puppy, I'm sure he'll chill out in a few years 😉

  2. Yeah not much time for blogging or fb lately! One of these days I will post an update on what agility stuff he's learning. Right now he's barking at me!

  3. today is thursday. wonderful thursdays. it's the only day of the week i get to spend time with the other dogs without LG constantly interfering. thursday is puppy agility class 🙂

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