Exhibit A

Proof of Slayte’s nuttiness when we first met him. This picture was from the first time that we met the puppies when they were 6 weeks old. Slayte pulled so hard on my pants that he put a hole in them. We had a hard time decided between Slayte and another puppy. The other one was the breeders pick for us and the one in the litter that was the first to do everything. Slayte just seemed to have a little more intensity when we saw him. We left the first time thinking we would take the other one but by the time we went back again we were leaning towards Slayte. The second time we met the puppies we decided on Slayte and this is how I knew it was the right decision. When we were going to take the other I felt bad about not taking Slayte to the point where we were considering taking two. When we decided on Slayte I didn’t feel bad at all. When I asked Jeff he said he felt the same so then I knew it was right.

Right now Slayte is passed out after a day at the agility trial which is why I have some time to type. He had tons of fun visting with old friends and making new friends, people and dogs. He’s such the social little guy especially when you compare him to Enzo! He gets all wiggly and cute. Enzo crashed a jump in JWW today which was a little strange and scary but he was fine. He ran clean in standard, good running dogwalk course today.

Slayte is doing really well in his puppy agility class. He’s been in the foundation class since he was 3.5 months old. He was and still is the youngest in the class but is keeping up just fine. He now knows 180’s and 270’s with no bars on the jumps. He also does a two jump leadout pretty well. It’s not 100% but he’s pretty good. Starting to do around the clock jumps and me standing a little lateral from the jump. We’ve been working the end of the teeter. Trying to get him to hop on from the side drive into a down at the end with his head facing forward. The teeter drops about 6 inches right now. I’ve also just started having him run on a flat board to a Manners Minder. I’m just using a 2’x4′ piece of plywood right now because that’s what I had lying around. I also figure it doesn’t look quite like any piece of equipment so if I screw something up right now it won’t matter too much. I am also working on the PVC box with him. I’ve only done a couple of sessions just shaping him to get in the box. He did the tire for the first time on Thursday. At first he was a little confused and was actually trying to push off of the tire but after several tries he was sending to the tire and wrapping back to me. Oh and the table, we started working table in class and we are walking past the table and just having them stop. We’ve been working downs on the flat a lot but I haven’t really asked for it on the table but he started offering downs when I went past the table! really cool!

oh well, he’s awake and barking at me again so no more blogging!


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