Monthly Archives: January 2011

Boxless Dogwalk Sucess!

I decided to try starting out with no box today. The dogwalk worked great! He nailed the first one, and then missed the second one which I accidentally clicked…oops. Then he got the rest. The dogwalk second from the end, he did get a foot down right at the end. I didn’t see it real time but saw the dogwalk bounce in the video. I had to watch the video like 5 times to see it for sure so I wouldn’t really expect a judge to see that. The last two I did some gentle turns at the end by moving his jump standard over a few feet. That’s probably why they weren’t quite as good.


Decent Practice Today

That first dogwalk looks like he actually got but just barely got his front feet in at the bottom. I thought so but wasn’t sure until I watched the video. I didn’t mark it as wrong but didn’t reward either. All of his misses today were ones where he didn’t put that second stride in which seems better than him putting in two strides but not getting down far enough in my mind since the one stride should be easier to fix than trying to get him to sometimes add a 3rd stride. He may need to sometimes though. We’ll have to see.

He also did much better with his aframes today. No misses. The video didn’t work but I did an extra one at the end to get the video and stuck it at the end of the dogwalk videos.

Last Practice before the rain

It’s supposed to rain from today through Tuesday but I managed to sneak in a quick practice session right as the rain was starting. Got Jeff to video so I didn’t have to mess with the camera.

I did a few reps on the dogwalk and all looked good so I left it at that and moved over to the aframe. I’m beginning to get a little worried about how I’m going to handle this though!

Aframe and Dogwalk Video

I haven’t video’d any aframes for a while because I’ve just been doing a couple here and there. He had been doing really good on them but of course missed a bunch for the video! I know why though. I moved the tunnel from the end of the aframe and put it at the end of the dogwalk so coming down in that direction he’s coming down into the wall. he has enough room but it’s making him shorten up his strides. You can see that he does good going in the other direction.