Slayte Future Full Member of Team Furrari???

(the following quotes are excerpts from the back of Slayte’s Disc Doggin / Agility sports card)

Windsor’s Slay It! (Slayte/LG)
Born: 2/3/2011
Height: 19.25″
Weight: 34lb

Born the pup of proud parents and a family with a long lineage of champions. From a young age, this athlete has shown the athletic skills and potential to be a champion in his own right. An athletic mold of perfection from strength, blazing speed and jumping ability, the only lingering question is whether or not he has the determination to be a winner. As a first round draft pick, the expectations are high.

You aren’t born into Team Furrari. You earn it. Coming up on a year old, Slayte needs to start thinking more seriously about his future. He is considering the training, skills, focus and leadership skills required to move up from the practice squad to be a full starting player.

Stats: 4 disc competitions, 14 points total.

Funny trivia: Known as LG (short for Little Guy)

The first part was Jeff and now this is Jenn typing. On a more serious note, Slayte is making a lot of progress in his training. He has tons of drive and speed. He’s awesome at tracking frisbees, retrieves to hand, and loves to play. His retrieves are way faster now as long as he is not too tired. He really seems to like agility a lot too. He’s doing short sequences now, low teeter, and I am working on his running dogwalk on the plank. His main issue now is sustained focus. He is easily distracted by people and dogs and he also tends to quit and run to the shade in frisbee when he gets a little hot. Hopefully these are things that maturity will take care of. He still barks at us when he’s bored but at least it forces us to do stuff with him and not be lazy.

I love my LG, I’ve really bonded with him more than any other dog we’ve had. He’s my constant shadow. It doesn’t matter how much of a pain he is, how many things he destroys, or if never end up accomplishing anything, I just love him! I don’t how a dog can be so sweet and such a butthole at the same time!!


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