Just got back from the Dixon, CA UFO and long distance competition. The last two competitions we’ve attended (this and the AWI) can be summarized up with the dogs redeeming themselves. At the AWI, all the dogs had problems during the day and ended up in lower than expected placements early in the competition. Then in the last round, Enzo and Slayte were awesome and both qualified for the finals.

On our way to Dixon, we got caught in nasty traffic and ended up only getting about 2 hours or so of sleep before the competition. Jenn and I both felt like we were going to pass out all day. At this competition, the dogs all pretty much performed way under par in toss and fetch, leaving us pushed down kind of far in the standings. Since we want to go to the UFO finals, this was a disappointment. Again, though, there would be redemption.

During the competition, Slayte was slow, tired and uninterested. He redeemed himself in a very odd way. After the competition, he was TOTALLY crapped out. He couldn’t even hardly move. Even though he was extremely tired during the competition, he never ran off the field and never quit. At the time, it seemed like he just didn’t care, but in reality, he was simply by trying to stick with it.

After the UFO competition, there was a long distance competition. I don’t ever practice distance throws because of my elbow ulnar nerve entrapment problem which causes tingling, weakness and pain in my elbow to my hand. Luckily this problem is slowing improving. I have good form and understand wind really well. Enzo redeemed himself by winning the Men’s division with a 65.7 yard throw. I wanted to hit a 70 yarder, but given the fact that there was no wind to help the throws, 65+ was still pretty good. Imagine if I actually worked on my distance throws and footwork. First, I know I’d be able to compete with the guys that can really throw far. Secondly, I would screw up my elbow again. Although it was fun, the long distance stuff really isn’t of much interest to me. Freestyle and toss/fetch are much more fun to me. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it. It involves throwing a disc to my best buddy, so it’s still great! Enzo, on the other hand, LOVES distance. Not like freestyle, but he really, really, really thinks it’s awesome.

Since Enzo won, next year’s award will have a picture of him on it!!!

Tooney redeemed herself by getting 3rd place in the women’s long distance with a throw somewhere over 40 yards. Overall, Tooney did really well, though.

Jenn and I also have come up with a new theory on how to try to train Enzo for toss/fetch. We are going to try working with him in practice where we don’t call him back. Throw the disc and just let him come back when he wants to. When I do freestyle or long distance throws, he runs back to me fast. He doesn’t screw around with the disc. The difference is with toss/fetch, I’m calling, yelling, etc, trying to get him to come back faster. We will see how it works out, but I have a feeling it may work.


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