Disc Dog Competitions Update

Tooney, Enzo and Slayte had their USDDN and local Skyhoundz competitions the past couple of weeks.


USDDN consists of a Super Open (2 rounds of freestyle + 1 round toss and fetch) and a Super Pro (2 rounds of toss and fetch only).

At the USDDN, Enzo was simply awesome. He won the Super Open division and got 5th in the Super Pro and qualified for the finals in both!

Slayte had his best competition yet (up to this point)!!! We managed his resources by keeping him cool in the air conditioned RV and rested him as much as possible. He finished 3rd in Super Open, qualifying for the finals!

Jenn also got to play with Slayte in Super Pro, so she had some fun with him. She forfeited her last round so he’d have more energy with me in his last freestyle round. That was nice of her and it paid off!

This competition is too much for a dog of Tooney’s age to do all the events so I entered her only in Super Pro. She was STELLAR! She came from behind and won the Super Pro division qualified for finals!

Torrance Skyhoundz

Next up was the Torrance Skyhoundz competition that consists of a toss and fetch type game, hopscotch and speed disc. These are games mostly of accuracy and control.

Slayte had his best competition yet!!! (notice a trend here??) He was so friggin’ good I almost couldn’t believe it. He had a 23.5 in the toss and fetch which was best in the competition. He also was the only dog to complete the hopscotch, winning that also. He did solid in the speed disc and finished 1st place overall! The best part was he had good energy the whole competition and was very consistent.

Tooney won this event last year and did good again this year. She got 2nd place in toss/fetch and 2nd place in hopscotch and got a second place overall!

Enzo, as usual, was not good at this event. He runs too fast and jumps too far. This makes it nearly impossible to hit the scoring zones that require accuracy. He doesn’t care. He still got to run, jump, catch and have fun! That’s all that really matters. Instead of being frustrated by it, I learned a few years ago to just go out and simply play some frisbee with my dog and not worry about how he does in terms of scoring.


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