So sad

Enzo ended up 1 double Q short of qualifying for AKC Nationals next year. This is the first time that I haven’t had a dog qualified since maybe 2005? Kind of ironic that last year’s finalist couldn’t even qualify. Our consistency is just completly down the toilet ever since he has been doing running contacts. He is just so blazing fast now. Bars are an issue now and so is handling the dogwalk.

So now I’m trying to decide if I want to try for USDAA nationals this year or is splitting my time going to cause me problems qualifying for AKC again? I split my time over ASCA, USDAA and AKC in the first half of this year. Maybe just USDAA and AKC will be ok.

I need to get Slayte worked up to the higher Aframe. I’ve gone up a couple links and so far his running aframe is holding up.

Oh and Slayte did finish his ExA standard title recently so he can start earning double Q’s now! At least I have double the chance to get a dog qualified.


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  1. Don’t be sad! LG and Ebbie will blow it up big time this year, y’all.

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