Muse 2013 D2iSC Quad Pawed Champion!!!

D2iSC put on a fun event that consisted of four games. Obstacle course, circle toss, toss / fetch and speed disc. It is similar to a Skyhoundz discdogathon. These events are fun because I don’t need to prepare myself for any freestyle, just go out and do what is natural – throw the disc to the dog.

Jenn did agility with Slayte nearby and came to play some disc with him later in the day. Enzo was solid on 3 of 4 events. Tooney did well but stepped on something that bothered her foot and wasn’t able to do the circle toss (her best event), or I’m pretty certain she would have won the event. She still managed to get 2nd place in speed disc, which is not her strong event!

This is becoming a bit like a broken record, but Muse won the overall combined championship on the strength of the best circle toss and solid results in all the other events. She is 11 months old now and she has won or at least placed top three in the past 4-5 competitions. It’s pretty exciting!!!

I decided to go to the Colorado Canine Challenge to try and get Muse and Enzo more UFO points in preparation for the finals there in October. Last year Enzo finished 2nd overall and I hope for a similar result this year. If Muse can make the cut into the top 10, she has a chance to gain more UFO points. Enzo needs to make top 3 to move up. Muse and Enzo right now are 4th and 5th in the overall UFO standings.


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