Muse is the 2013 California State Champion and Best in the West!

The Crusty Classic is a 2-day event that culminates in the California and Best in the West champions.  Saturday was a very windy UFO local.  Despite the wind, Muse had the second highest freestyle score and the highest toss/fetch score (19!) and won the competition!  Enzo had the highest freestyle round and brutal wind for his toss/fetch round and only missed 1!  He finished 3rd and was on the top of his game!  Tooney entered the intermediate division and won!

Sunday was the Crusty Classic format that included freestyle and the circle toss which is similar to Skyhoundz bullseye.  Muse and Slayte both had near perfect freestyle rounds and Enzo’s round was good.  Bullseye is Muse’s game.  She scored a 22.5, which is a massive score and with her great freestyle round, she won Sunday’s competition.  Enzo finished 3rd and Slayte finished 5th.

Muse won the combined weekend competition and became the youngest dog to win the California and Best in the West championships.  This is one competition that I have wanted to win year after year and have always come up short.  This time Muse won the event for Team Furrari and I’m proud to say she is the Champion!  Enzo finished 3rd overall, which I am also happy about.

We are now getting geared up for the UFO World Cup Finals. It is in Colorado at the end of October and I can’t wait! All 4 dogs are qualified and Tooney will perform her final freestyle round since she’s 11 years old now and she doesn’t have the stamina to finish a 2 minute round of freestyle while still running at top speed. I am most excited to play with Tooney for the last time in freestyle. Yes, Muse and Enzo are both ranked high in the UFO World Cup, but I will remember the time with Tooney on the field the most.

Here’s Enzo, Muse and Slayte freestyle rounds from the Crusty Classic.  Enzo and I went out as skeletons per our usual October attire.



Slayte near-perfect round:


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