2013 Disc Dog Summary

I got this post in a few hours before we begin 2014! 2013 was the absolute best year of disc doggin’ I have ever had. There were many new things that happened for us in 2013, the most important being the beginning of something very special with the newest addition to Team Furrari, Muse. The general theme of 2013 was the year of Muse, but early in the year she wasn’t even competing and the other dogs all had great successes.

Tooney: She had a perfect round for the first time in her career at the age of 10!!! She also qualified for the UFO finals and performed her last round of freestyle there at the age of 11.

Enzo: Enzo proved he is still at his peak. He was invited to the Purina IDC in Las Vegas (thanks Todd, Tracy, Benny and any other Purina people that have supported us over the years!), which was a blast. He also finished strong in several competitions and finished 11th for the year in the UFO.

Slayte: LG started the year struggling. He was stressed out, his teeth were bothering him (his canines were replaced with titanium) and I wasn’t working with him in a way that would allow him to enjoy himself. I changed what I was doing, we fixed his teeth and he had a great time and finished 21st in the UFO final rankings.

Muse: When she started competing, I felt she would be very good at toss and fetch, possibly one of the top dogs in the country. Early on she was exceptional at tracking and her catching skills were almost as good. She had good speed and a small jump. I wasn’t expecting that in her first year she’d not only be doing freestyle, but actually mastered everything I was able to throw at her (remember, she’s a puppy, so I had to keep her freestyle routine safe). To my surprise, and delight, she is BETTER at freestyle than toss and fetch. When she started doing freestyle, she got faster, started jumping and decided she will go out and catch virtually every disc I throw. I love every aspect of disc dogging, but freestyle is where my heart is. She won numerous competitions including the California State Championships/Best in the West. She finished 5th in the UFO World Cup standings.

Here are my top 10 moments from 2013. The word that will show up most here is “Muse” and I can’t help it, she is an amazing canine athlete and was my best dog of the year:

10. Enzo finishes 2nd at our UFO Major
9. Muse wins our regional Skyhoundz D/A competition
8. Tooney perfect round of freestyle to start the year
7. Enzo invited to the Purina IDC for the second year in a row
6. Muse wins the Pacific Coast Canine Disc Championship
5. Slayte is “cured” and is now having a blast competing in disc
4. Muse records two perfect rounds (out of three) at the UFO Finals
3. Muse finishes 5th in the UFO World Cup Standings
2. Tooney final freestyle round of her career
1. Muse wins the Crusty Classic (California State Championships/Best in the West)

I will review my goals for 2013 and post my goals for 2014 in my next post. I can’t wait for 2014! Enzo is running strong, Tooney is still doing toss/fetch, Slayte is going to have a lot of fun and there is one word that will describe Muse in 2014… Dominant. Muse is 17 months old now and is learning the more advanced portions of freestyle with vaults and flips. Her new routine is pretty awesome, it won’t disappoint!


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