2014 Norco UFO Local and D-Tour

Saturday was a very windy UFO local competition. It was one of the worst competitions ever. 9 EZ-Ups destroyed. I had one hit me in the back when it got blown over. It was combined with 90 degree heat. Despite the terrible conditions, Muse finished 2nd overall on the strength of a 13.5 point toss/fetch round.

Sunday was the D-Tour qualifier and we had much better wind conditions but was even hotter. Throwing for the competition was mostly cross-wind, so the throws weren’t helped and were probably hindered. I was about 10 yards shorter than normal. I got to play with Ellie’s Preston and Wiz along with my Muse. I won the Men’s Pro division with Preston, 2nd with Muse and 3rd with Wiz. A sweep! My longest throws with each dog were in the 60-something yard range.

All 3 are qualified for the D-Tour finals. I’m not sure if I’ll be going or not. My range is about 70 yards which is decent, I just don’t enjoy it like I do freestyle or even toss / fetch. Of my dogs, the only one that seems to enjoy distance is Enzo. Tooney is too old and Muse / Slayte really don’t seem to care much for it. Muse is starting to show more interest and is starting to “get it”. Muse used to just run out 20 yards and act confused because she didn’t see the disc (since it was waaaaay out in front of her). She would then speed up but often times it was too late and she would barely get to the disc and miss it most of the time. She doesn’t do well when she has to run discs down and usually tips them. The good news is she was trying hard to catch them, she just didn’t have the timing or coordination at that high speed to catch. Now she seems to know when we are doing long distance and appears to just go-go-go from the start and makes it to the disc much easier to catch them consistently.


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