Disc Weights

The following are measured weights of various dog discs and are the average of multiple samples of different colors. These measurements have been confirmed accurate by two different scales. What I can say is the manufacturers are reasonably consistent with their weights, even when taking discs from several years apart or different colors. You can expect some variation for any given disc but in general they will be within a few grams of variation across the board. The weights are ordered by manufacturer.

Hyperflite www.hyperflite.com
Pup Competition Standard: 60g
Pup Soflite: 62g
Pup Jawz: 84g
Competition Standard: 109g (previous batch were 105g)
Competition Standard Soflite: 112g
Z Disc: 114g
Jawz: 138g (previous batch were 145g)
Jawz Hyperflex: 135g
Jawz X-Comp: 151g
Jawz Lite: 110g
Fang: 159g
Fang-FLX: 149g
Fang-X: 161g

Discovering the World www.dtworld.com
Fastback: 107g
Super Flex Fastback: 109g
Flex Fastback: 110g
Eurablend: 146g

Hero www.herodiscusa.com
Pup 160: 38g
Atom 185 Rubbery: 62g (this version of atom is no longer made)
Atom 185 Regular: 63g (this version of atom is no longer made)
Sonic Xtra 215: 90g
Air 235: 102g
Super Aero: K9 Candy – 107g, Starlite – 121g
Xtra 235: 105g (one thing to note is the yellow Xtra weighed 115g consistently)
Super Sonic 215: 124-127g
Super Hero: 136g
Super Star: 137g

Latitude 64 www.latitude64.se

Bite: 147g (special note: this disc is quite small and very dense as a result)


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