Reverse Vault

Here I show just one of several possible methods to teach a reverse vault. I call a reverse vault any vault where the dog changes directions after contacting you, resulting in the dog taking a curved path with respect to the ground rather than a straight line as you would have with a regular straight vault.

Other methods to teach a reverse vault include luring with a disc disc or by using a target stick and shaping the behavior.

A reverse can be off of any part of your body. It can be your hip, back, chest, feet, etc. I like the hip because it’s easy to get into position quickly during a freestyle routine. Once your dog understands a simple reverse you can transfer it to other parts of your body if you like.

The way any reverse works is: As the dog is jumping towards you, the disc is thrown sort of against the grain. Approximately 90o from their approach towards you. Varying disc placement can cause the dog to have different rotation and shape in the air.

What looks like a very advanced move really is not that difficult taking this approach. Key learned this in just 2 sessions. One session using treats, the other session using a disc. Take it slow and a more realistic expectation is a few weeks doing a little each day. If necessary, go back to more basic steps and do not move forward until the current steps are working 100%. If you move forward too fast, you’ll end up with a move that is unreliable and sloppy looking. Look how nice and clean Key is at each step along the way. That is what you need to have before moving forward.


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