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Nancy Gyes Seminar

Enzo and I went to a two day seminar with Nancy this past weekend. We definitely got a lot of good practice with a lot of tough sequences, threadles, serpentines, 270’s, push throughs and the funky triangle thing where you have to push to the backside of the jump and then wrap around. Got some good practice with front crosses and tight rear crosses. Enzo was jumping 22″ all weekend. He started out a little tentative but by the end of the first day he was a lot more confident. He was also turning pretty nice most of the time so either my timing and signals are getting better or he’s learning when he needs to chip in with an extra stride to turn before jumping or both.

Nancy also gave me some tips on Enzo’s leadout. she said to play with him then have him lay down, do this a few times then lead out. If he gets up go back and play with him and then have him down and lead out again. This way he doesn’t get to go until I tell him but he doesn’t get to stress out about it either.


USDAA trial recap

Stayed home sick from work today. I almost coughed up a lung this morning. I realized after the first day that it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to be running this weekend but I had teammates that were counting on me. It kind of sucks running agility when I can’t even talk properly.

This was a tournament only trial so we had DAM team/PVP, Grand Prix/PNS, and Steeplechase/PSJ. Enzo ran in Championship and Tooney in performance. This was Enzo’s first time competing at 22″ in a year. Overall he did well at the height, a few bars here and there and he was being kind of careful most of the time and not driving as hard as normal. Hopefully he’s get faster after a few trials at 22″. Enzo’s teamates were two border collies, Spark and Trace so our team name was Ready S.E.T. Go! Tooney’s teammate was a sheltie named sport so our team was Sport Fishing for Toona.

Saturday, Enzo had a nice run in Grand Prix with one knocked bar. That would have been qualifying under last year’s rules but not now unfortunately. Tooney had a good run but backjumped a jump that she was supposed to wrap.

Next was Team Snookers. Tooney had a zero point snookers round! I lead out and she knocked the first red jump and then I couldn’t stop her from taking the next jump. Enzo did much better, it was a pretty tough snookers course so I planned for two 5’s and a 7 and we ended up getting through number 5 in the closing which was decent for that course and way better than Tooney did!

In Team Jumpers both Tooney and Enzo E’d. In Enzo’s run, I got out of position and went past the jump I was planning to rear cross. I tried to cross on the flat but he got confused and back jumped. Both of his teammates did well on the course so we were just above the cutoff after that round. Tooney did something bad in her run, she ran behind me and took an off course jump when I front crossed. She’s been doing that lately so I need to proof against it. Tooney’s teammate also E’d so we were in last place after that!

Both dogs ran clean in Steeplechase\PSJ round 1 so they both got their first qualifiers towards next year’s nationals. In round 2 on Sunday Tooney got 4th place and Enzo knocked two bars.

In team gamblers, Enzo just missed getting through the timers before the buzzer went off. His nose was just right there. He pulled off of a tunnel that I sent him to so we got a little messed up. Maybe if my voice was working he would have gone when I said go or maybe not. Tooney had a really good gamblers run and ended up with 2nd place.

Team Standard went well too. Enzo was clean and Tooney had one knocked bar. Enzo’s teammates both did really well and Tooney’s teammate did well too but it was enough to get her team above the line. Enzo’s team was 10th going into the relay and I think the cut was around 15.

In relay, Enzo’s team did well. Enzo had a bar and a refusal at the teeter (the first of the weekend so not bad after last weekend), One teammate had one refusal and I think the other one was clean. Ready S.E.T. Go! ended up in 6th place so Enzo is qualified for DAM Team! Tooney and her Teammate both E’d so no Q for her. Suprisingly that’s actually the first time Tooney hasn’t qualified on a team that she ran on. We had fun though and were able to laugh about it. This was actually the most fun I’ve had running at a team event. Since Enzo’s teammates were his classmates we were really able to strategize and analyze the courses together like we do in class. They were also really nice and came and found me after I E’d team jumpers to be supportive and tell me not to feel bad about it.

So to summarize, a Steeplechase Q and DAM team Q for Enzo at his re-debut at 22″ plus a PSJ Q for Tooney, not too bad!

3 day AKC trial

Well the weekend started out really good but then didn’t end so well. In JWW on Friday, both dogs ran clean. Enzo ended up with 2nd place. In standard Tooney leapt over the dogwalk contact but Enzo was clean. He wasted quite a few seconds on the table so his time wasn’t great but it was a double Q!

On saturday I had only entered Enzo. He was clean in JWW even though he got a little spooked by the kid doing leash running right before he ran. He was ok after the kid turned around but Enzo definitely didn’t like the way the kid was staring at him. He ended up with 3rd place on this run. In Standard, he would have Q’d except that he decided to bail on the teeter. The trial was in a covered horse arena so I think the loud echoing must of scared him the day before. I went home and had him do a lot of teeters at home with high value treats hoping that would help for the next day.

Sunday I ran both dogs again. In JWW, the hard part was the beginning and I got my dogs through that fine but then they both had weird mistakes later on. Tooney turned the wrong way on a jump and then back jumped it. Enzo took an off course jump straight ahead when he was supposed to come into me for the third jump of the pinwheel. I’m sure I was late on my rotation for the front cross. In Standard Tooney did really well except that I pulled her off of the tunnel. She was headed towards the correct end already when I called her. Enzo’s run was a little bit of a mess. I tried to front cross the aframe and he missed the contact. Then he ran past the teeter. I called him back and he did it the second time although very cautiously. I said good boy after he did the teeter and he stopped dead in his tracks on the way to the table and I almost ran into him. I had to lean over and stop myself on the table. The judge asked me if I was ok. it was prety funny.

Anyways, now I’m wondering if I should avoid trials under covered arenas for a while. The last time we trialed under the other arena in the area he was fine with the teeter but he has had issues there in the past. Hopefully if I work with him a lot this week he’ll be ok with the teeter for this weekend’s USDAA trial.

The Elusive Double Q

I went to another AKC trial this weekend with Enzo only. We started the weekend with a kind of weird JWW course with a lot of funky lead changes. I wasn’t a very fun course but we got through the parts that I thought were the hard parts but I got out of position at the very end. We were supposed to drive down a fairly straight line of jumps but I ended up behind and lateral and he pulled into an off course tunnel. Standard went much better and he ended up getting first place. His teeter performance was a little borderline but he didn’t get called for it. He did his dogwalk really well and is driving better to the bottom. He still isn’t stopping on the aframe in trials but he is adding an extra stride at least.

He had two nice runs on Sunday but no Q’s. In Jww, he ended up knocking one bar but it was totally my fault for yelling his name when he was taking the triple. The triple jump was facing the wrong ended of the tunnel and I could see that he was locked on to it. I didn’t cue him properly before he took off and panicked. In standard he knocked a bar when I was doing a front cross. I may have said something to him as he was jumping here too and the cross might have been a bit late. He ended up getting called on the teeter too. He kind of bounced off the side and somehow ended up running behind me. I lost him for a second and even though he was running towards the correct tunnel I called him back and resent him because i don’t want him to think it’s ok to run behind me. His dogwalk was really nice again and his aframe was a little better than the day before. The stinker did get up on the table once but he sat back down after a couple commands. In the past he would have been done with the table if that happened.

I’ll have to see if still have any of the course maps because there were some interesting courses. Unfortunately, our chances of making AKC nationals are offically gone but at least now I can concentrate on improving my handling and tightening up his turns without the pressure!

AKC trial 11/15-16

Tooney is all healed up and got to run this weekend. She was happy about that. Saturday, Tooney got 2nd in JWW and Enzo knocked the triple. Tooney actually beat Enzo’s time by 0.5 seconds this run. In Standard, Tooney went into the wrong side of the weaves but Enzo was clean. Enzo ended up with 4th place but only a few tenths out of 2nd place. The first place dog was a few seconds faster. He also had his fastest YPS in standard to date with 4.3 YPS. His table is definitely a lot better. He stil hesitates a little but not too bad. He self releases on the contacts but at least he’s not leaping off. On the dogwalk, he slows down the last few steps and when he reaches the last stride before his front feet would hit the ground, he just takes off and leaves me in the dust. Not exactly the behavior, I’m aiming for. But note that again Enzo missed a double Q by one bar! ergh.

When I got home on Saturday, the skies were filled with smoke. This in one problem with living in Southern CA. Our house is about 15 miles from where the fire was and we live in a pretty urban area so no danger of fire reaching our house but I defintely wonder about the long term health effect of breathing in all that smoke. The wind changed later in the afternoon and started blowing the smoke away from our house instead of directly over it.

Sunday I went back to the trial. The trial was fairly close to the other fire so the air was a little smokey there too. Both dogs ran clean in JWW. Enzo had one wide turn but still beat Tooney’s time by half a second this time. He ended up with 4th place but again only a few tenths out of second and about a second out of first. His YPS was 5.8 so defintely a good time. In standard, Tooney took and off course jump. They were supposed to come out of a tunnel and turn 180 in the chute but she shot out straight in front of me and took the triple. Enzo ended up taking the wrong ended of the tunnel after the teeter so no double Q’s this weekend. I think that pretty much kills my chances of getting him Q’d for AKC nationals. He only has 5 chances to get 4 double Q’s so not likely at all.

No double Q’s but contacts are back

I ran Enzo in an AKC trial this weekend. Tooney was entered but one of her anal glands ruptured again. This is the third time so our vet said that we should get them removed. Poor girlie.

Yesterday Enzo got second place in jww. I kind of took it easy and did all rear crosses. It felt a little slow after doing USDAA all last week but he still did it in 5.57 yds/sec so I guess it wasn’t actually slow. In standard he had a really nice run but knocked one bar. He stopped on the dogwalk but not the aframe but he was coming down all the way instead of leaping off.

Today JWW was a little rocky the whole time but he stayed on course until the very end when he ran past the last jump. It was totally my fault as I should have rear crossed the 2nd to last jump. In standard he shot out of the tunnel and took an off course jump. He also stopped in the middle of the weaves and started sniffing around. I dont think he’s ever done that before. He was fine the second time when I restarted him. Again he had nice contacts at least. He really drove down to the end of the dogwalk and stopped and the aframe he didn’t stop but came all the way down.

22" for Enzo

I’ve made the decision to move Enzo out of Performance and jump him at 22″ Championship for USDAA. We practiced at 20″ in Tuesday night’s class and 22″ in Wednesday nights class and he did great at those heights. I don’t think he knocked any bars on Tuesday and maybe 2 on Wednesday but those were kind of hard angles to begin with and I was taking off away from him. Last time that I ran him at 22″ (about a year ago other than at home) he was lacking confidence and would slow down and add strides to make sure he didn’t knock any bars but now it didn’t seem to bother him at all. He’s just under 18″ so on the smaller side for the jump height but this dog can jump up to my head level when he wants so you would think 22″ shouldn’t be a problem!

Our next USDAA trial is December 6-7 which is a Tournament only trial so we should be able to get lots of practice in at 20/22″ before that. I’d just better remember to practice triple and double jumps at home since we don’t set those up in class very often. Already have a great DAM team set up for Enzo with two of his border collie classmates and Tooney has a very solid PVP partner too for that trial.

We have 4 AKC weekends before that. Hopefully the work that I’ve been doing on his contacts this week sunk in. I brought the target back out and that seems to have revived some of his enthusiasm for the 2on/2off position.