AKC Trial before Wags

Friday before going down to San Diego, we went to an AKC trial. The JWW course was really nice just with a tunnel entrace discrimination at the very end that was a little worrisome. Enzo had a great round but knocked a bar towards the end. Tooney was clean and placed 2nd.

In standard, Enzo was just flying. He almost pulled off the jump after the chute because I was behind and then we almost collided when he came out of the tunnel at the end. I needed to get to the other side of the tunnel to get the turn but couldn’t. He almost took the tire but pulled off at the last possible moment. What a good boy! He’s really a lot more responsive than Tooney is which makes him more consistent even though he’s faster. Tooney knocked a bar in standard she didn’t realize we were turning until she was over the bar. She also flew by the teeter at the end which is something she’s been doing if I’m not really clear that she’s supposed to take the teeter. It’s only with that obstacle.

Here’s the videos:


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