AKC Trial in Ventura

Went to an AKC trial this weekend. The courses were pretty nice and open and nothing too evil. Even with that though Saturday didn’t go so well for me. In JWW, the opening started with a 180 type thing and I led out and Enzo almost blew by the first jump and came straight towards me. I got him over it but didn’t know if that had been called as a refusal or not but turns out he didn’t call it. That was a little distracting and then later one he knocked a bar and then went off course. There were two jumps next to each other and I didn’t pull enough and he took the one in his path. Tooney ran the jww course clean until almost the end and took a bar when I said come over the bar. Enzo had a really nice run on Saturday’s standard course but left the teeter a little early and got called for it. Tooney ran clean and got 1st place!

Sunday’s JWW was almost the same as Saturday’s! It had the same sort of jump discrimination that I messed up the day before. I handled it better this time and both dogs went clean in this run. Enzo got 2nd and Tooney got 3rd. In standard this time I yelled wait at Enzo as soon as he got in the yellow and he stopped a little early but he held on long enough this time. Enzo wasted a little bit of time on the table as he took a couple seconds to lay down and then he got up partway through the count but he still got 2nd place. I thought Tooney was clean too but turns out she got called for something. I couldn’t see if she hit the dogwalk contact so that’s probably what it was.

Oh and that was Enzo’s 10th double Q!


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