Another Disc and Agility weekend!

Saturday was a Skyhoundz local. No freestyle, just 4 different events, Spot Landing, Bullseye, Speed Disc and TimeTrial. It’s fun playing some different games once in a while. Tooney and I got first overall in the Intermediate division even though we ended up with a zero in speed disc! I did pretty bad with Enzo on everything with the short throws but it was fun anyways. Jeff did well with both dogs and ended up getting 3rd place with Enzo in the Open Division! Enzo did really awesome with Jeff and they finished Speed Disc for the first time ever!

Sunday I went to an AKC trial in San Diego. Enzo got 1st in JWW and Tooney got 2nd! In standard, Enzo knocked a bar towards the end. I think I crowded him a little on a rear cross since I was a little more ahead than I thought I would be. Tooney was clean in standard and got 1st place so that was a double Q for her! Now she just needs two more for nationals. I also think Enzo wears himself out screaming and clawing and biting at the crate when I run Tooney first. When I switch them out he’s usually panting pretty hard.

Enzo’s point count so far for July is 326. My high target is 300 points a month so we exceeded that. Right now he’s showing up in the top 5 aussies for next year’s Invitational. They only have results through July 11 though.


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