Argh! contacts!

So last weekend Enzo started missing his contacts. We had a run last Saturday where I did a hard push off the aframe and I don’t think he liked that. He growled at me and left the aframe a little early. So then the next day he missed his dogwalk contact, flew off the teeter, and took a flying leap off the aframe. So we worked contacts a lot this past week and I was hoping that would help. Nope, yesterday he missed the dogwalk contact and did another flying leap off the side of the aframe. After the aframe I kind of yelled at him like “hey! what are you doing?” and paused for a few seconds. It seems like that may have made an impression as he was really careful on his contacts today and hit all of them. Unfortunately he knocked the triple so no standard Q but I was really happy about his contacts. Last weekend, he only got 1 JWW Q but first place for 40 points. This weekend again only 1 JWW Q for 28 points. Hopefully that doesn’t put us too far behind for invitational points. Especially since Labor day weekend we’ll be going to the USDAA SW Regional.

Tooney did a flying leap off the dogwalk yesterday so she got a scolding too and made her contact today.

Oh and last weekend Tooney got her 6th double Q for AKC nationals so she’s qualified now too!


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  1. Woo hoo! Nationals will be really fun. Its Trin's first year. Damn those contacts… been there. Took the summer off hoping that problem magically goes away πŸ™‚

  2. LOL Enzo was 'speaking' his mind alright.

  3. What do you have to leave under your pillow to get the contact fairy to visit?

  4. So "hey" is the magic word? Man… all those missed contacts with Mickie and that's all it takes? πŸ˜‰

  5. lol. well Enzo is pretty sensitive in general and I'm normally pretty quiet. Dunno if it will last but I do think I need to make sure I mark unacceptable performances so he knows what's ok and what's not. I'm kind of in the habit of just keep going right now.

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