Hot Hot weekend!

It was a very hot weekend for SoCal. Saturday we had an FDDO frisbee competition in Long Beach. It was probably mid 90’s or so there so hot but bearable. No freestyle at this competition so we just had the games: Obstacle course where you throw the disc through obstacles and hope the dog can catch it, Speed disc where you get 3 discs and try to hit a box at 15 yds, get a 20 yd throw, and get a 30 yd throw in under 60 seconds, and the final event was distance pyramid where you get 3 throws but only your last throw counts. The FDDO games are a lot of fun.

I only played with Enzo and Jeff played with Tooney and Enzo. I did pretty bad with Enzo in the obstacle course, my timing with him on shorter throws is not there. We finished speed disc and got 3rd in intermediate in that event and I got a big zero in the distance pyramid. Jeff did ok with Tooney and awesome with Enzo. They got 3rd in the obstacle course and 2nd overall!

Sunday we went to an AKC trial in Van Nuys. It ended being over 100 degrees. Way too hot! Jeff ended up coming along so I got some video this time. Not the greatest day to watch agility but it’s nice when he goes with me. In JWW, Tooney broke her start and went straight into the wrong end of the tunnel so I just pulled her. It wasn’t worth going on and I really needed to do that for a while anyways just didn’t want to. Enzo had a really nice run and got 1st place. Here’s the video:

It was even hotter when we ran standard. It wasn’t too horrible in the shade but in the sun it felt like you were baking. Tooney had a nice run and we got through that difficult line in the back from the dogwalk to the not obvious side of the tunnel. Right before the teeter I took my eye off of her and she didn’t come in to the teeter.

Then in Enzo’s run I got behind at the chute and he curled in towards me and didn’t see the jump. He had already knocked the jump before the chute anyways. I think I said go chute when he was over the jump. At the end I cut the rear cross too tight and he ended up missing the last jump. Unusual for him to not go on but I can see that I got too far ahead before the rear cross and I needed to hang back a little and done a more gradual rear cross. At least his contacts are back to where they were before…Not stopping but going all the way to the bottom.

So the past few weekends haven’t been great for Q’s but we’re still at 608 points for the invitational so far. Still meeting my goal of averaging 300 points/month.


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