UFO Major / Crusty Classic Weekend part 1!!!

What a fun but exhausting weekend. It was the windiest competition of the year, so some of the rounds weren’t as good as maybe they could have been. Jenn was also recovering from the flu. It was the biggest UFO and Crusty Classic in California history! Both days ran really late. This was the last disc competition for a long time for me, so I had to make the best of it!

Saturday was the UFO major. In intermediate division, Jenn got 3rd with Enzo with I think only 6 points. Yeah… the wind was THAT bad. There were probably more scores of 0 than not. Tooney didn’t compete with Jenn because she’s at the age we need to start resting her a bit. For my first round of freestyle with Enzo, the wind was really, really, really strong. He did great and after the 1st round, he ended up in 5th place. His toss/fetch was very solid at 7.5, but I only got 3 throws off – it was my fault, sorry Ebby! He missed the t/f top 10 cut by only 0.5 point. For the 2nd round of freestyle, Enzo was AWESOME! I knew since he had a solid t/f score that our placement should move up. They announced the awards for the top 3 freestyle – I figured we had a REALLY good chance of being in the top 3 – no mention of Enzo. Wow, that’s odd….. Then, announcing the open overall top 4 (t/f + both rounds freestyle) and Enzo was also nowhere to be found… I thought that was strange, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. No big deal!

SCORING ERROR!?!?! Yes, on Sunday, they found 2 major errors in the scoring calculations on the spreadsheet. After the new calculations, Enzo was 2nd in freestyle and 4th in the overall! Then, after yet ANOTHER mistake, Enzo moved to 3rd in the freestyle… whatever the placements are, he did good!

Enzo’s 1st round freestyle UFO Major. Notice at the beginning, the disc almost blew off my finger and I started laughing since I recovered! That’s a very risky and difficult move to do, especially with the wind, but I don’t back down from a challenge. After my round, friends surprised me by running out and throwing stuffed bananas at me because I dress up in yellow. We didn’t get it on video, though.

Enzo kicking butt for his 2nd round:

Little Tooney had 2 decent rounds in freestyle. It was really windy and she struggles more than Enzo in the wind. She doesn’t have the quick reactions that he does to recover when the disc moves with the wind. As expected, she didn’t make the cut. However, in toss/fetch, nothing can stop her, even with the brutal wind… at least I thought… In the 1st round of t/f, she was great. She ended up in 1st place overall with 12 points. I was stoked, and I figured we’d probably win it because she’s so good. For our 2nd round of t/f, the event was running really late and I was the last person to go since she was in first place (they run last to first). I had my sun glasses on because I didn’t think I’d need to bring my regular glasses with me. I couldn’t see a thing and as each competitor went, it was darker and darker out. Unfortunately, for our second round, we were only average, and yes, I blame it on the fact it was nearly pitch black out. I don’t normally make excuses, but it was a huge disadvantage. She got 9 points in the second round. It caused me more of a problem than her probably. I couldn’t see the lines on the field at all. I think we ended up in 5th place in t/f. I think she ended up 13th overall in the open division, which is actually really good considering how big the competition was!!!

Tooney’s round of freestyle:


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